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How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile [2019]

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile
Written by Hassan

Well, Everyone wants to know the super Magic on how to find out who viewed my facebook profile. Facebook doesn’t permit the user to see who visits your Facebook profile because it appears as a breach of privacy.

But if we search on Google, there are a lot of apps that claim to let you see the information. But such apps steal your personal information. So there is any way in which we check out who viewed my facebook profile?

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile

Don’t feel trouble, In the above article we find out some ways that how to see who visited my facebook profile

Ever wondered who viewed my facebook profile? I think every facebook user has the same question in his mind? We answer all the questions and dispel all the surrounding issues. Facebook is widely used all over the world, and Facebook developers cannot provide this ability to the user who viewed his profile.

Despite this, many facebook users are anxious to learn how to see who visited my facebook profile app for Android. Many Facebook users are getting trick by a third-party app to fulfill their fantasy, but we warn you don’t use such apps because they steal your data.

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile

Facebook collects all your personal information when you sign up for your account. So facebook does not share your information with someone. After this, Facebook doesn’t want to compromise any things.

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile

As I mentioned above, everyone wants to learn this incredible trick on how to find who checked my facebook profile. Naturally, he directly searches for this trick on Google, Bing, and other online platforms to learn this magic.

Therefore, several spammers and malicious application development firms target the customers to steal their private information using this technique. As I already wrote that these third-party applications do not provide precise effects, and these programs usually do the junk post on the user’s Facebook wall. So be aware of these all scammers.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Page?

It is not impossible to find out! But Keep in mind that there is no specific way to discover the identities of users who visit your Facebook page. You can accomplish this without downloading any app. It means you don’t need to attempt any risk on your facebook info. You perform this trick using a “who viewed my Facebook profile Chrome extension.” We are sure about its legality.

Let’s have a look at different methods to find out who viewed my facebook profile.


By using the Google Chrome extension, you can easily find out who visited my facebook profile. Follow the given path to get started.

  • Your first step is to visit the SocialProfilextension page.

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile

  • In the bottom, click on Add chrome option to add his extension to the browser.
  • Now it takes 3 or 4 minutes to get the download.
  • Now click on add Extension
  • Visit and log in with the account to identify Who Viewed My Facebook Profile, Not Friends.
  • After this procedure, once you are on facebook now, look at your Facebook timeline.
  • You will notice that there is one more option called “Visitors” has been added.

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  • Your first step is to visit your Facebook profile timeline page
  • Wait, just a minute to get the download.
  • Right-click anyplace on the page and pick “View page Source.”
  • Automatically, the new tab will open with some source codes.
  • Now here is information about your profile.
  • By Pressing CTRL + F, the search box will open, and then copy-paste this into it (without quotes) – “InitialChatFriendsList.”

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile

  •  It will show the list of the person who visited your profile recently.
  • These profile IDs are of the person who visits your profile.
  • Now go back to and paste the ID number from that page along with a “\.” For example, if the ID is 7453, you have to put it as-
  • The first ID tells about the one who visits the profile regularly.


If you used iPhone or you are iOS user and want to know that who viewed my facebook profile, then you download the first app. The name of this app is social Fans.  You can download this app from the iTunes store. This app also has a feature that shows you who visited your profile recently.

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile

One another positive method comes to my mind. Using this method, you can enable us to see who checks your Facebook profile. Who’s Seen Your Account” feature of LinkedIn Utilizing these feature approved customers can visit a current list that has been following on you. Besides some straightforward analytics, while paid, people can easily see around ninety days worth of people, as well as more detailed analytics. It is perfect for seeing attainable career information and company prospects.

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Final words :

On the internet, there are a lot of apps that claim to let you see the information. But as we mentioned, there is no proper way to view who exactly viewed your facebook profile. But using the above three methods, you have done because we tested these steps personally. I hope these steps work. If you face any problem in the given article, then write in the comment section.

Good luck!

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