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MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]
Written by Hassan

Are you facing the WiFi problems on your MacBook Pro? Like MacBook Pro is not connected to WiFi, connected but WiFi speed is very slow. Don’t be frustrated. Many MacBook Pro users have reported that his MacBook Pro isn’t connecting to Wifi.

Various, MacBook Pro users have experienced the same WiFi issues after their MacBook Pro comes out of sleep. Sometimes the following problem occurs when the user installs OS X Mavericks on his MacBook Pro.

Don’t worry,  a lot of Mac users have easily fixed the given issue using the below methods. So grab a cup of coffee and get yourself ready to set the MacBook Pro WiFi problem.

Do you know?

Using WiFi Explorer, you can troubleshoot network connection without any professional skills. Cool right! Moreover, using this superb app, you’ll be always able to know about your network and fix it.

The other benefit that it has a range of extensive details of all your Mac networks in the vicinity, including their band, signal quality,  security status, and much more!

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MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

So, follow the above four methods. You don’t need to try them all. Just follow these steps untill you find a suitable solution.

  • Check your MacBook Pro network connection
  • Switch off Bluetooth
  • Reconnect to your wireless network
  • Reset the SMC

Solution 1:Check your wireless network connection

If you’re MacBook Pro is not connecting to WiFi, then you need to check your MacBook Pro network connection status. To do this, you should need to try these two methods.


  • Sometimes weak signals cause wifi issues. So place your MacBook Pro near to the wireless router. But if your MacBook Pro is fairly closer to your router, then reduce the distance between you and the router or unless you move closer.
  • If the problem persists, then restart your router/modem as well as MacBook Pro.

After trying these methods, If your issue WiFi issue is resolved, then congrats! But if you’re still unable to connect wifi to your MacBook Pro, then jump to the next method.

Solution 2: Switch off Bluetooth

Sometimes your wireless network issue is caused by the interruption of Bluetooth. To see if that’s the case for you, you should try turning off Bluetooth:

Sometimes wireless network problems created by interference of Bluetooth. Yes! WiFi and Bluetooth connections interfere with each other. If you’re not a user of Bluetooth, then disabling  Bluetooth is the best option. Follow easy steps to disable Bluetooth.

  • Locate system preferences on your desktop.

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

  • Click on Bluetooth.

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

  • Click Turn Bluetooth Off option

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

Now, we hope the error has gone. But if the error carries on, then don’t worry. Try another method.

Solution 3: Reconnect to your wireless network

Are you attempting all possible solutions, but still, your MacBook Pro is not connecting to WiFi? Don’t worry. Forget the wireless network on your MacBook Pro and then reconnect it. To do so:

1) Click on the WiFi option in the menubar. Then click open Network Preferences.

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

2) Click on advanced option

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

3) Select a wireless network that you want to remove and then click on remove option (-) next click OK.

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

4) Click Network Name to choose and reconnect to your WiFi network, then click on the Apply option.

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

I think your problem is now solved. But if you are still facing a WiFi connection problem, then you may need to try the NEXT solution.

Solution 4:Reset the SMC (System Management Controller)

By Resetting SMC, You can fix the following issue because SMC manages the functioning of your notebook wireless adapter and other hardware parts.

So when your MacBook Pro is not connecting to WiFi, I think resetting SMC is the best option. Follow easy steps to reset SMC.

Note: SMC option is only accessible in Intel-based Mac computers.

  1.  Turn Off Your MacBook Pro.
  2.  Hold down the Shift+ Control + Option and Power button on your keyboard at the same time. Then hold them for ten seconds.
  3. Now Turn on your MacBook Pro.

Congrats! SMC has successfully restored on your MacBook pro. Now go back and check the WifI issue.

Problems after WiFI Connected.

5:WiFi connection is spotty

Do you know? Your router sends electronic waves, and sometimes these waves are interrupted from your neighbor’s router or electronic devices such as microwaves. So the result is router signals are weak at your location, and you’re facing connection issues. Now, the question is how to solve this issue? Don’t worry. You can fix this issue in two ways:

  • The first way is to move closer to your router. This is the simplest way to fix the wifi connection issue.
  • And another way is changing the band may help you to fix the WiFI issue. The default band of your router is 2.4GHz, which is weaker then 5GHz.You should switch to 5GHz if your router supports 5GHz.

6:WiFi connection is very slow

Many Mac Pro Users have reported about slow WiFi connection. Sometimes your WiFi speed is slow down because someone using your WiFi without taking permission. Before taking action, check your own Mac and close all background programs to boost WiFi speed.

Plus, Advanced Network Care gives you the advantage to run a quick scan. Moreover, it’ll show you connection speed issues and automatically fix them. And another option is a Wifi Explorer, as we already discussed above.

MacBook Pro Not Connecting to WiFi [Fixed]

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Final words:

Hopefully, Your problem has solved. If you use another method to troubleshoot your wireless network, then tell us in the comment section.


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