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[Fixed]MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working[Easy Solution]

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Are you striving with the Macbook pro keyboard after the update? Don’t worry. We get you. You’re not  the only MacBook Pro user who is facing this issue.

Many MacBook Pro users have easily solved this issue. Before you send your MacBook Pro to Apple store for repairing, we suggest you to read out our fantastic guide about the “MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working.” issue.

MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working [Easy Solution]

We all perceive, If the MacBook Pro keyboard is not working correctly, our MacBook Pro is unusable. Let’s explore some proven Methods, to kick back  MacBook Pro to work.

Are you ready!

Let’s go.

Solution 1:Check your Mac for Update

Is your MacBook Pro up-to-date? If your MacBook Pro is not up-to-date, your keyboard will not work correctly, Because outdated drivers, firmware, and also operating systems, is causing an error on the MacBook Pro keyboard.

If you want to get rid of this troubling situation, you should need to update macOS. Follow the root to update your Mac.

  • Click on the App Store.

[Fixed] MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working[Easy Solution]

  • To check updates. Click on the Updates option. If there are any updates available, click UPDATE.

[Fixed] MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working[Easy Solution]

  • Wait a little bit to complete the update procedure.

If you’ve found this solution helpful,congrats!

However, if you’re still stuck with the same problem, jump to the next step.

Solution 2:Reset the SMC (System Management Controller)

By Resetting SMC, You can fix the following issue because this is a tested solution for power and hardware related issues.

And the other point is SMC control and manages your MacBook Pro. So when your  MacBook Pro keyboard is not working properly, I think resetting SMC is the best option.

Follow easy steps to reset SMC.

Note: SMC option is only accessible in Intel-based Mac computers.

  •  Turn Off Your MacBook Pro.
  •  Hold down the Shift+ Control + Option and Power button on your keyboard at the same time. Hold them for ten seconds.
  • Now Turn on your MacBook Pro.

Now once again check your Mac Book Pro for error.

If the error has gone,great!

But if the error persists, don’t worry. Check out the Next solution.

Step 3: Clean the keyboard

Sometimes debris prevents your Mac keyboard from proper working. You should need to clean your keyboard regularly.

Wondering how to properly clean your Macbook bro?

No worries, we’ll tell you how to clean your MacBook keyboard using Apple formula. ( Apple’s suggested the method for unresponsive keyboards)

[Fixed] MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working[Easy Solution]

Pick up a bottle of compressed Air and straw to control the flow. If you have those tools, follow Apple’s recommended steps.

  • Try to hold your MacBook at a 75-degree angle.
  • Pick compressed air and spray your keyboard carefully.
  • Start spay on the keyboard from left to right motion.
  • Rotate your MacBook and repeat step 3.
  • Stop spray when your Keyboard is fully cleaned.

We hope it’ll fix your issue, but if you’re still looking for the best solution, keep reading.

Solution 3: Clean junk from your MacBook Pro

Possibly your MacBook keyboard and trackPad are not working smoothly because your system junk creates problems. Don’t let your Mac be cluttered up with your system junks.

Don’t worry; this issue is fixable. By using MacClean, you kick it back your keyboard to work. Before we start, let’s try to know what is MacClean?and how it fixes your keyboard issue.

MacClean is a type of software which is commonly used for cleaning junk from macOS. It scans and gives you in-depth cleaning. Furthermore, it will remove all unused junk files from your MacBook Pro.

You can do much more using MacClean. Like, It will scan your system and identify junk files, or caches that slow down your MacBook Pro. With a few clicks, you can clean your system from all type of junks:

  • Open your Browser and Download MacClean on your MacBook Pro.
  • After installation is completed,  Open MacClean.
  • Click on System junk option, next click on the Scan button. MacClean will start a scan on your MacBook Pro, for junk files.

[Fixed] MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working[Easy Solution]

  • 4. Now click Clean to remove all junk files from your system(You can do this process, If you’re in Registered version, So click on Clean  option to register your program)

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[Fixed] MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working[Easy Solution]

Solution 5:Repair your MacBook Pro

If your MacBook Pro has hardware issues, the keyboard might not work properly. Like, if you have damaged cable or chip that interacts with your keyboard or some swollen time battery, the keyboard won’t be working properly.

If you’re busy in your business work and don’t have much time and skill to fix this problem itself, pick up your MacBook Pro and forward it to Apple repair shop for repair.

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Final words:

After reading our excellent guide regarding the “MacBook Pro Keyboard Not Working” issue. We hope you will easily handle this problem. However, if you’re still facing the same issue, you might need to visit an authorized service provider for repairs or contact Apple support.

Good luck!



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