How to Download and Install iMessage for Windows 10

iMassage for PC windows
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Are you searching for the best messaging app for your PC? If yes, Apple IMessage is the ideal messaging app for you because Apple iMessage is a hot topic on Google. It has some engaging features that other messaging apps don’t have. Nowadays, everyone using WhatsApp, Messenger for connecting each other, but at the same time, IMasage is famous amongst all these choices.

But the question comes to mind how to download iMessage for window 10. So today, we will guide you that how you download IMessage for window 10 in your PC.


iMessage for Windows 10


IMessage is free of cost. You can enjoy this app without any payment. Furthermore, iMessage is an authorized app of apple. But iMessage is only available for iPhone,iPad, and Mac. Don’t worry we teach you that how you access iMessage without paying anything.

IOS and Mac users quick access to the iMessage app. But oppositely windows users face a little bit of trouble. But with the help of many emulators like blue stacks, the user can easily download iMessage for window 10. Different tools allow the user to use the same app on the computer as I massage with all utilities. By downloading this application on your computer, you can chat with your friends and family.

What are iMessage and its features?

As we discussed, the iMessage app is famous in all worlds by its fantastic feature developed by Apple for iOS.This App smoothly works with all iOS devices. This app is not just popular among Apple users; even PC users want and also used this app in windows 10. However, there is no official app to download iMessage for Windows users. There are many ways or tools available that make it easy to download iMessage on PC.

iMessage for Windows 10 , How to Download and Install

We all know  IMassage is just acceptable for iOS users, but you can enjoy this app using the emulator. All you will need is an iOS emulator that you can get for free. You can download and use iMessage for Windows 10. 

Feature of iMessage

  • Free of cost.
  • Send and receive messages fastly.
  • Text fastly in PC  with a broader screen size.
  • You can attach emojis with your message and text.
  • Friendly use and the fastest iOS application for messaging.
  • The user can use audio, video features for better interaction.
  • IMessage has a new interface that comes with better graphics.
  • You can further block the person from your friend list using iMessage.
  • Like Messenger and WhatsApp you can create a group using iMessage
  • Accessible usable, you can easily separate between SMS and iMessage texts. iMessage text appears in blue.
  • The user can also send videos, and images; furthermore, this app is also perfect for sending documents and files.
  • You cannot download any third-party app because using iMessage. You send messages at your data cost.

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Download and Install iMessage for Windows 10

Without wasting time in discussion about IMassage, We guide you step by step that How to download iMessage for windows.

Method 1- Using Chrome Remote Desktop

You can download iMessage for window 10 in different ways. However, we discuss here the first method .the user can download IMassage by using Chrome Remote Desktop. Yes, this method is pretty good and helpful to use. Let ‘s have a look.

Step 1: The first step is to install a remote desktop on your Windows Chrome browser on both of your devices or system.

imessage for windows using Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 2: Click “ Add to chrome .”After downloading complete install, the chrome browser.

Step 3: Click on the Launch App under the browser app section.

Step 4: On your Mac download Chrome remote desktop host installer.

Step 5: When the downloading complete, install it on your PC.

Step 6: Now, set the security pin or password for access to another screen on windows.

Step 7: Go to your windows system and look for the remote Mac, click on it and start sharing the screen on your Windows PC.

iMessage for Windows 10

We hope you done all the given steps. Now chrome Desktop allows you to access another PC using this chrome browser. Now you can use iMessage on your PC chrome. I in case you do not have Mac, then use Bluestacks or other tools that help you to download iMessage for Windows.

Method 2- Get iMessage using Bluestacks

We all know IMassage is just available for iOS users. However, if anyone wants IMassage for window PC, then use the emulator. bluestacks is the best emulators to get iMessage on PC.So let’s discuss some easy steps,

Step 1: Install bluestacks on your pc.

Step 2:  After the downloading process completes, install the emulator on your computer.

Step 3: Open an emulator on your computer.

Step 4: The search box will open. Inbox type iMessage in search, and you will be headed to the App store page.

iMessage for Windows 10 – How to Download and Install

Step 5: Download this app and start texting with your friends and family members.

Now you can access all restricted iOS apps, So use and enjoy the adorable feature of iMessage on your PC.

Method 3- Get iMessage using iPadian

IPadian launches free emulator for window  10 users. I think window 10 users should be thankful for the iPadain. This emulator is free of cost. So let’s highlight some main steps on how to download ipadian in window 10.

Step 1: Visit the website to get for your Windows PC

step 2: By clicking on this web you can download for your PC.

Step 3: Download this emulator available for free.

Step 4: After downloading install iPadain exe on your computer.

Step 5: On the next level, click to open it.

Step 6: Click on accept all terms and conditions and jump to the next level.

Step 7: Now launch the iPadian software on your Windows PC.

iMessage for Windows 10


Step 8: Search for the iMessage app in the above search app.

Step 9: Once results are found, click on the iMessage app to get it downloaded iMessage for Windows.

Both methods allow you to enjoy the fantastic features of iMessage on PC without facing any issue.

Method 4: iMessage on Windows 10 Using Cydia

Step 1: Download Cydia from the play store and open it.

IMassage for window 10

Step 2: Now search for Remote messages.

Step 3: Install the Cydia app and wait until the installation completes.

Step 4:  Click on settings and go to Remote messages.

Step 5: In a new window, you can see the authentication option click on it.

Step 6: Tap your username and password. Keep in mind your PC and iOS connected to the same WIFI.

Step 7: Open your browser on the PC and then enter an IP address under the enable tab. After this, enter the colon.

Step 8: Click the enter button, and you will see the window prompt with password and user details.

Step 9: After completing the above process. You can connect on iMessage for Windows 10.

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Final words:

After reading the above article, we hope you easily download iMessage for window 10. Keep in mind IMassage is not officially released for window 10. However, Follow the above method and fulfill your dream of using iMessage in window 10.

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