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How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer
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By cleaning cache on your Mac regularly, speed up your Mac, and free some space in the drive. But the question is, what cache is? If you don’t know about the cache, then you have landed in the right place. Let’s know little about the cache.

The Cache Data is the temporary data stored in your browser temporarily for all the websites or apps you visited. When you reaccess those apps and websites, then these data will upload to load the pages quickly without downloading the data (necessary data to load the site) every time you visit.

The primary purpose of cached data is to improve the browsing experience by boosting the page loading speed.

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What are the main cache types?

There are three main types of cache, which are :

  • System cache.
  • User cache.
  • Browser cache.

Don’t worry. We’ll tell you how to clear the cache on your Mac computer in the above article.

You can clear the cache on your Mac using two ways. The first way is clear the cache automatically, and the second way is clean cache manually, step by step.lets have a peek how we clean cache automatically.

Method 1:  Automatically clear the cache

If the user wants to clear the cache on Mac right now, then Install  CleanMyMac X.

When the user installs the CleanMyMac X App, follow the given steps.

  • Lanch CleanMyMac X updated version.
  • Now select system junk.
  • Select scan and clean your Mac.

Done!your cache file cleaned. The other benefit of the app that it works with all devices smoothly, including macOS Mojave, click here and try it.

Now we will clear the cache step by step.lets go!

Method 2: Remove the cache on your Mac manually

  • Close all running apps.
  • Run finder.
  • Now hold Shift +Command +G keys at the same time.
  • After this, the dialog box will appear.
  • Type  “~/Library/Caches,“ and press Enter

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer

  • All cache files appeared. Hold command + A keys and select all files.
  • Right-click on select files and delete it.

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer

  • But keep in mind, you must delete all cache files from the bin, So login to your Mac and trash all cache files from Bin.

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer

When you apply this method, some cache files still not remove like your web browser cache. If you want to remove these files, you should ask the help documentation of these files.

How is the cache created? An example from Photos.

Did you know when you rotate your picture while editing your picture size increase from 2.5 Mb to 10 Mb? Sound creepy, right! When you edit your photo or videos frequently, you may see that your editor application also stores temporary data, .like an intermediate version of your files.

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer


How to clear the cache on Mac Chrome

If you wondered how to clear the cache on Mac chrome, then keep reading. Now here we are telling you how to clear the cache on your Mac computer. 

  1. Hit the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now click on Settings.
  3. At the bottom of the menu, click on Advanced option.
  4. Now “Clear browsing data.
  5. Select the cached image and file option.
  6.  Click on clear data.

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer

Congrats, you have cleared cache on Mac chrome!

How to clear cache in Firefox Mac

Let’s know how to delete the cache in Firefox manually.

  1. Select the hamburger icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click on “Privacy & Security” on the left sidebar.
  3. Move down to the section “Cached web content” menu item.
  4. Click on “Clear Now” to delete the Firefox cache.
  5. “Close” the web and reopen the browser.


How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer


How to clear the cache on Mac  Safari

As we know that erase the browsing history and Cache, we can free up the disk space in some way. However, the steps to the deleting process maybe not the same according to different browsers.

Now we will show the details of the guide of Safari, which are the most common browser for Mac users.

  1. Click on the safari option on the top menu.
  2. Choose preference.
  3. Click on the advance tab.
  4. Enable show Develop menu, which is located in the menu bar.
  5. Continue to Develop a menu bar.
  6. Now click on empty caches.
  7. Close the browser and reopen it.

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer

But please care about that if your Mac and your older iOS devices like iPhone or iPad have Safari turned on in iCloud preferences if you take this action, your browsing history would be removed from all of them.

Some Easy Steps to Clear all Browsing Data

Don’t anxious about how to clear all browsing data. Follow the given path and clear your personal info from your browser.

  1. Run CleanMyMac and choose the Privacy module
  2.  Choose files which you want to remove.
  3. Try to select from the list of all your cache and privacy tracks.
  4. Choose to Remove to clean option.
  5. Now clean your browsing data.

How to Clear Cache on Your Mac Computer

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Final words:

Well, we hope after reading the above article you can quickly clear the cache on your Mac. But if you find any trouble in the given article, then write in the comment section.


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