[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]

Seagate Hard Drive
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When you plugin Seagate hard drive to the computer, it starts beeping. It seems like it’s moving, but actually, it doesn’t move. You feel bad at the moment, right. Don’t worry Because we provide some effective solutions through which you troubleshoot Seagate hard drive beeping.

I have a Seagate portable 350GB hard drive, and recently I plugged it in, and it opened beeping for about a minute. The drivers don’t sound like its working; normally, you can feel its working, but there is nothing. 

Note: Sometimes, Seagate hard drives suffer from shock after being dropped or accidentally shocked. Often while powered on and attached to Pc.

Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and not Recognized

We have mentioned five steps here. You don’t need to try them all. Just try step by step all methods until your Seagate hard drive issue not done.Seagate Hard Drive

  1. Clean the dust from Port.
  2. Plug your hard drive to another port.
  3. Use the other Cable.
  4. Use a USB Y-cable or connect to a USB hub.
  5. Plug-in the hard drive to another computer.

 Step 1: Clean the dust From Port

Often, Dusty port cause of hard drive beeping. Follow easy steps to clean dust.

  •  Remove your Seagate hard drive to the computer.
  •  Unplug the cable from the Seagate hard drive.
  • Now blow port, cable, and Hard drive carefully.
  • Connect the hard drive to your pc with the same cable.

Hope, turbulence is gone, but if the error persists, then read the second step.

Step 2: Connect your hard drive to another port

As we know, In the computer system, there are many ports. (Using these ports, you can connect 130  different types of peripherals )If you’re stuck with the same issue, then change the port. Sometimes damaged port may cause your Seagate hard drive beeping.

[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]

Step 3: Use the other cable

The damaged cable can also create noise in your hard drive. Trying another cable is the smart solution to this problem. Using the new cable, you can connect the hard drive to your computer. If the error resolves, then congrats! But if the error insists, then jump to the next method.

Seagate Hard Drive


Step 4: Use the USB hub or USB Y-Cable

If you are assuming that your hard drive is not supported by sufficient power and it causes beeping sound, Plug USB-Y cable(cable having two connectors) to the computer. But be sure that two connectors are connected to the computer tightly.

If you don’t want to plug it to your PC, then you can connect it directly to the USB hub.

[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]

Step 5: Plug-in the hard drive to another computer

Are you try all the steps? But don’t satisfy with the results. External hard drive beeps but not recognized. Don’t lose hope! Pick up your Seagate hard drive and plug it to another computer. After connecting hard drive to another computer and the error persists, then probably your hard drive caused hard drive failure.

[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]

After this misshaped, I think you will buy a new hard drive, but what about your previous data. You were feeling bad at the moment about losing relevant data like pictures and documents.

Don’t worry before you buy a new hard drive. You can easily back up your previous data. Follow the root and recover your data.

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How to Recover  Data Files.

If the computer recognizes your Seagate hard drive, then you can quickly backup your data. You can perform the recovery using third-party software. If you didn’t find any best software for recovery, use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.

Moreover, this software is famously known for data recovery software. It can recover your data with one click. Furthermore, it recovers lost and corrupted data of your hard drive in a few minutes. Sound cool! Right.

  • So the first step is to Download and launches Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery on your computer.
  • Choose data files that you want to recover then click Next.[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]
  • Choose your Seagate hard drive for recovery.[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]
  •   If you want to check scan files, then turn on preview mode.

[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]

  • After the scanning process complete. Preview all recoverable files. You can check these files from  File TypeTree View, and Deleted List.

[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]

  • Extract file location where you want to save files and click on Start saving to keep your recover data save.

[Solved]Seagate Hard Drive Beeping and Not Recognized [Easy Solution]

 Note: If you hear beeping sound on your hard drive but it still working, immediately back up your data because your hard drive is on risk.

Extra Tip:  After storing the data in the external drive or internal drive. If you want to stay away from data loss, then try to back up the data and saved it instantly on Google drive or one hard drive.

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Final words:

We hope you find all the tips helpful about the Seagate hard drive beeping issue. If you face any problem in this article, then share your question in the comment box. We’d love to listen to any advice or opinions.

Best of Luck!


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