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How to Fix Avast Slowing Down Windows 10 Computer

Avast Slowing down PC windows 10
Written by Fahad

Everyone wants their computer to be completely secure and protected from different malware or viruses. In order to do that job, there are some softwares called Antivirus.

Avast is one of the best Antivirus among them. It has more than 456 million active users and holds the largest shares among anti-malware app vendors.

Having such a huge audience, it should be flawless right? Well, the answer is NO, it’s not, unlike many other applications it also causes problems.

The most commonly faced issue is that Avast slows down your computer and Nobody wants a slow pc because it is frustrating, right?

By guessing, you are also troubled by the same problem and searching for a proper solution? That’s why we are here our job is to show that How to fix Avast slowing down computers windows 10.

Now enough talking let’s head towards our multiple Solutions.

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How to fix Avast slowing down computer Windows 10:

1)Keep your software Up-To-Date:

keep your software upto date

Make sure that Avast is fully updated. Because the latest updates have fixes and patches that keep it running at its best! Plus, keeping the latest version have its own perks like enhanced features and stronger malware detection which helps to protect your computer from malicious attacks.

2)Load Avast after Windows services:

Load Avast after Windows services

This Is also a major reason which leads Avast to slow down your pc. Avast automatically loads whenever you load your windows. Therefore, the services of the windows conflict with Avast which make your computer work like a snail.

But no worries here is the solution:

  1. Execute Avast.exe
  2. Go to the menu and click on settings
  3. It will open general settings, Search for
  4. Click Troubleshooting and check the option Avast Delay startup.

How to fix Avast Slowing down your computer windows 10

After completing the steps, Avast will load after the Windows Services and hopefully, it will Fix Avast slowing down your computer.

3)Upgrade your hardware:

Upgrade your hardware

One of the many ways to fix Avast slowing down your computer is to upgrade your hardware. Modern updates require modern hardware.

Like, it might consume more RAM to give better performance than previous versions or maybe require more hard drive space to operate properly.

In this case, you need to upgrade your RAM, hard drive, or other computer parts to re-gain the speed.

How to fix Avast Slowing down your computer windows 10

4)Disable Background Updates:

Disable Background Updates:

Avast has an auto-update feature which might interfere with your computer’s speed. It might start New update to download while you are using your computer and surfing on the internet.

This type of auto feature can Slow down your pc performance. This also happens to be triggered while you are Playing. I can understand how annoying it feels.

But No problem amigos! Just scroll…

  1. Run the antivirus program.
  2. Reach for Menu don’t hesitate to click on it.
  3. Go to Settings>updates.
  4. You will see an option Virus definition, Click More details under it.
  5. Now you can choose between Manually Update or Ask When Update is Available.

How to fix Avast Slowing down your computer windows 10

5)Free up Hard disk space:

Free up Hard disk space:

A full hard disk can also be the reason for Avast slowing down your computer on windows 10. That’s why we’ll recommend cleaning your hard drive by deleting some unnecessary pictures, videos, and files.

The work of antivirus is to check the files continuously for any kind of harmful files or malware. More the files more time, memory, and energy it will consume. You can use Avast cleanup software in this regard.

Lesser the number of files lesser will be the chances of slowing down the computer.

How to fix Avast slowing down your Computer windows 10

This will do your job and will hopefully fix your computer.

In case if all the methods mentioned above do the job, hooray! But if you are still facing some problems not to worry.

We are still here, keep scrolling!

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4 More Cool Tips To Speed Up Windows 10:

More Cool Tips To Speed Up Windows 10

If Avast is still Slowing down your computer. There are still some other methods that How to fix Avast Slowing down computer windows 10.

1.Turn off Avast Community and Data sharing:

  • Open Avast and Open Settings click on General > Privacy.
  • Uncheck the boxes with these two options Participate in Avast Community and Participate in Data sharing.

Moving Forward!

2.Turn off the Main shield:

  • Open settings and search for the Main shield.
  • Choose the option Stop Permanently and disable it completely.

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3. Remove Avast Extra tools:

  • Open Windows settings from the start menu and click on Apps and features.
  • Search for Extra Tools related to Avast, Right-click on it, and press Uninstall.

How to fix Avast Slowing down your computer windows 10


4.Use the Ultimate performance power feature:

If you are a laptop user and have Avast installed, this tip might solve the problem for you.

  • Right-click on the battery icon and select Power Options.

How to fix Avast Slowing down your computer windows 10

  • Look for the Ultimate performance option and check that box.

How to fix Avast Slowing down your computer windows 10

Keep scrolling, Finalizing!

Avast slows down your computer and It’s really annoying, but there are many solutions which are mentioned in very simple steps above.

Plus, we have suggested some pro tips to improve the performance and speed of your computer.

But still, if you are facing some problems solving the issue, feel free to contact us we are available all the time for your help. Because your satisfaction is our priority.

This was all about How to fix Avast Slowing down computer windows 10.

Stay tuned for more!

Adios Amigos!

Users having problems related to avast and slowing down Computer Also ask the questions given below.

Does Avast slow down pc?

The answer is yes it does because it installs unnecessary tools and sometimes it uses extra services which leads to the sluggish performance and speed of your computer.

Why Avast is making my computer slow?

Avast slowing down your pc can have many reasons; Avast is an advanced program that consumes more energy and memory. So, your computer might have Low RAM and Low Memory which leads down to slow your Computer’s speed and performance.

How do you find what is slowing down your PC?

If not Avast then other programs might be slowing down your pc and to check that which program is slowing down the speed and performance of your computer, just follow the given steps.

  • Hold ALT, CTRL and Del
  • Click on Task Manager, look for the program which is using the most memory and CPU usage.
  • Right-click on It and can press End Task.

Which antivirus slows down your PC?

Almost every antivirus slows down your pc because their job is to go through your data continuously in order to detect any kind of malware or harmful files. However, to avoid the sluggishness of your computer you should simply upgrade its hardware to the best you can afford.

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