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[Solved] Word Spell Checker Not Working |Four killer Solutions|

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Sometimes, Word spell checker does not work as expected in Word. One of the numerous factors could be causing this error. The users are commonly facing this error when they paste the text into Microsoft word or get documents from someone. The user doesn’t see red lines under misspelled words as the user guessed too.

Hush! You’re not alone.  I have tested both flavors of this inconvenience. In some cases, the problem was my own doing, and other times I don’t know what caused this error. It might be possible it was a bad day for copy-pasting. However, I can solve this issue using the below steps.

 |Solved| Word Spell Checker Not Working [four Easy Solution]

By changing a simple setting, you can fix this issue. Let’s move forward to explore some easy steps.

Note: The below methods work for Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, and Word for Office 365.

Solution 1. Verify the proofing options of the Word Options dialog box

The first job you should need to do is to check a file option in a word where you can select or hide spelling errors. You can arrange this setting through the file by file basis. Let’s have a look:

1) Click the File tab then select Options.

2) In the left pane, choose Proofing.

3) Under “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” tick first two options, “Check to spell as you type” and “Mark grammar errors as you type.”

4) Scroll down to the bottom area and Uncheck tow boxes under  Exceptions for.

5) Click OK to continue.

6) Go back and check your documents for error.

We hope, spell checker is now working correctly. If the error perseveres, then jump to the next method.

Solution 2: Check the Language dialog box & spelling options

By verifying the language, you can fix this issue. To accomplish this task, let’s dive into the steps.

1) Open the problem documents.

2) Press Ctrl + A key at the same time on your keyboard to select the whole text.

3) Now click on Review tab, select Languages, then set proofing Language.

[Solved] Word Spell Checker Not Working |Four killer Solutions|

4) In the Language dialog, makes sure the correct language is taken. Uncheck the second last box, “Do not check spelling or grammar.”[Solved] Word Spell Checker Not Working |Four killer Solutions|

5) Hit OK option.

6) Go back and check your documents for error.

I’m pretty sure; Spell-checker is now working correctly. If still, word spell checker not working in word, then try out the next method.

Solution 3: Enter Microsoft Word Safe Mode

Probably, Word spell checker not working because of combination factors like another Word add-in. Don’t worry. You can verify this by checking spell-check in  “safe mode.”Safe mode is a function that reduced functionality state. In this mode, Microsoft loads without add-ins.

1) Press the Ctrl key and double click the icon of or choose the menu option for Word.

2) A dialog box will appear to screen, click Yes to start word in Safe mode.

[Solved] Word Spell Checker Not Working |Four killer Solutions|

3) Open up an existing document.

4) Press the F7 to run spell-check.

Hopefully, now you have got a bright idea that what causes the “Word Spell checker not working” issue. If you’re still looking for the best solution, then there is another method for you.

Solution 4: Rename a Windows Registry Folder

In my experience, many people don’t like to use the windows registry, but in this condition, you should need to use it. If you’re not intimate with the windows registry, I strongly suggest you read Microsoft’s Windows registry information for advanced users.

Follow the way to rename the proofing tools folder.

Wind up your work and close word.

1) Grab your keyboard and press the Window logo key and R  at the same time to invoke the Run box

2) Type regedit and hit OK option.

[Solved] Word Spell Checker Not Working |Four killer Solutions|

 3) Expand the left pan, navigate to the following entries: HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Microsoft | Shared Tools | Proofing Tools.

4) Right-click on the folder named 1.0.

 5) Select to Rename 1.0 folder.

6) Rename the folder to 1PRV.0.

[Solved] Word Spell Checker Not Working |Four killer Solutions|

7) End the Registry Editor window.

8) Restart word and recheck your document.

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Final words:

Have you tried all the methods but still spell checker is not working in your Microsoft word? Ok, we get you. You should need to visit the Microsoft official website,” The spelling and grammar checker isn’t working as expected.” Also, share your thoughts with others once you’ve tried the steps.



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