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How to Delete Skype Account permanently in 2019

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Did you worry about how to delete a Skype account permanently in a few seconds? Don’t get upset. Because in the below article, We solve your Skype account issue in just a few minutes.

As we know that Skype is Widely used in the world for video calling app for IOS, Android, Mac, and windows operating systems.

How to delete Skype account permanently in 2019

Earlier, Skype does not give the Delete Account Option to the user. So the question is how to delete a Skype account?

Although if you are thinking about no more use of your Skype account. You can remove all your information from the skype Database. Then no one can access your profile.

As a bonus, we’ll show you how you can request a return for your unused credits and unlink your accounts.

Unfortunately, Skype makes it very difficult to delete a Skype account permanently. So initially you deactivate your account as it here is no other alternative for this.

You have to contact their support team, and only they can assist you in closing your Skype account.

So let’s start! I don’t want to waste your usable time in discussion.

How to Delete Skype Account Permanently.

First of all login account which you want to deactivate permanently. As we know, a deactivating account means that you have no access to your account or data after doing this procedure. So take care before moving.

How to dlete Skype account permanently

Most people would like to rid of their old account any they quit Skype account. If you are not interested in more using a Skype account, then follow easy steps and delete a Skype account permanently. So let’s start!

After reading this article, you can quickly shut your account correctly. Furthermore, we will guide you that how you can repay your unused credit card and unlike your accounts.

As we know, Skype does not make it easier to remove your account and also has guidance on its websites that do not allow you to solve this problem.

The only solution to remove your account is to contact Skype customer care.


You will be wonder after reading this that removing your Skype account requires logging and pressing some keys. And the user faces very difficulties with how to delete a Skype account in 2018.

However, properly deleting account means your account does not exist anywhere on the internet.

Let’s have a look at some easy steps from which you delete your Skype account permanently.

Step 1: Delete Personal Information on Skype.
Step 2: Modify Your Skype Avatar.

In step one we are talking about some best ways to delete your skype account permanently in 21o9.

Step 1: Delete Personal Information on Skype.

  • Sign in to your skype account and after this click on the user name on the menubar.
  • Click on Manage. Your browser will lead you to your profile page.
  • Go to the Personal Information section and choose Edit.
  • Now Clear your profile of your details.

Step 2: Modify Your Skype Avatar

  • Log in to Skype and Go to skype > Profile > Avatar.
  • Select your new image.

Skype Profile Avtar

  • Click “Delete my sign-in info.”
  • Hold window icon + R after this Dialog will be box appears.
  • Type Run and press Enter. Then type %appdata%\Skype and click on O.

Deleting Skype data

  • Locate the folder with the name of your skype account, and Delete it.

Skype Delete account folder

  • Remove Username from the Skype Directory.
  • Restart your system.

After testing these two steps, We hope your problems will solve.

Common Questions About  How To Delete Skype Account From Computer:

Do you have any questions! Let’s have a look at some common questions.

  • How do I know my Skype address because it is not displayed on my account?

There is a Username or Microsoft account login name that you may have used to create your Microsoft/Skype account. This is typically your email or your phone number, and There’s your Profile Name, which is usually your first name and last name.

  • How to change Skype Name And ID?

There is no other official way to change skype id; however, there is another way by which you can easily change your skype user name.

  • How to Find My Skype ID On Android?
  1. Go to the skype website and click on Sign in at the top.
  2.  Click on forgotten your skype id.
  3. Enter the mail address. You used to create your account.
  4. Get skype name
  5. Check your email for verification code with the subject Your Skype Name

Token Open the email and click on t temporary code link, and you get your user name.

  • How can I run multiple Skype accounts simultaneously?

The new Skype for Windows app does not support this feature, I believe.

On Android, you can side-load the Chinese version of the Skype app and have both running at the same time.


Final words :

We applied these all steps and tested them personally. We hope you find our article How to Delete Skype Account permanently in 2019 helpful. The solution to this problem is quite easy. Try all these steps but if you stuck somewhere then click on given link

If you need any help ahead or frozen while following our article, then please let us know in the comments below. We always care about our audience.

Best of luck!


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