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10 Best Overclocking Software for Cpu, GPU, and Ram [Updated]

Top 10 overclocking software
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If you want to boost your CPU speed and fancy increasing  the component clock , I bet you have landed at the right place!

Top 10 best overclocking software

If you are feeling your PC is slower and getting weaker day by day then sit back because we recommend you some best overclocking (Window 7,8, and 10) software along with their benefits that speeds up your CPU, GPU or even RAM.

[su_quote]NOTE: When you’ve installed some Top quality overclocking software on your PC, it has certain benefits, including  having a fast RAM performance and smoothly running of heavy graphic software. However some overclocking software heat your processor and cause other destruction. So  in such cases, it’s high time to use suitable overclocking software[/su_quote]

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Here we shortlisted the top 10 best overclocking software which accelerates and boosts your pc speed .so let’s have a look!

Top 10 Overclocking Software For Windows ( 7, 8, 8.1and 10)

1.MSI Afterburner

One of the best overclocking software because of its smoothly and friendly work with CPU. The most exciting and valuable thing that MSI After Burner offers is its compatibility with all Graphic cards as well as zero pricing for the same. It sounds good right!

Top 10 best overclocking software

Furthermore, MSI AfterBurner allows the user to control a graphic card on your own very smoothly and get a complete overview of your hardware together.

Moreover, the customizing fan profiles bench-marking, and video recording as you want. Isn’t that the most refreshing thing?

You can Enjoy receiving the FPS counter in the game along with system performance and core memory details.

Another plus point of MSI AfterBurner is that it tests the stability and thermal performance of the graphic card of your PC because it supports all Graphic cards.

[su_quote]NOTE: The utility is compatible with all types of video cards like GPU, ASUS Tweak utility that means that MSI After Burner works smoothly with intel, NVIDIA, and AMD…At a peak, we can view RPMs, fan speed GPU usage and Temperature[/su_quote]

2.EVGA Precision X

EVGA Precision X is another commonly used software for CPU overclocking. It is the best overlocking software in 2019. If you like gaming, then you will find it very helpful EVGA Precision X because it is practically popular with gamers.

Top 10 best overclocking software

This software has some limitations. For example, it works only with Nvidia while MSI After Burner supports all types of Graphics cards. Another feature of EVGA Precision X that it supports a maximum of ten users’ profiles.

It serves with fan speed voltage control, user profile, etc. You can edit the system memory clock offset and GPU clock offset by EVGA Precision X.

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3.AMD Overdrive

AMD Overdrive is famous for the best GPU overclocking software. If you have AMD software, then it is best for your PC due to its natural compatibility with AMD Graphic cards.

Top 10 best overclocking software

This Graphic card is not just rated for its easy interface or features, but because of its free availability and user satisfaction rate. The speed and voltage of the CPU and a real-time overview of the CPU are adjustable.

Using this software, you can also overclock your CPU voltage. Moreover, you can run a stability test after overclocking to monitor the performance of your PC.

If you wish your PC to perform well, then go and download this fantastic piece of miracle.

4.Intel XTU

Intel XTU is notable for intel users when we thought about its use, we are feeling a bit biased, but when we installed our perspective about Intel XTU has changed tremendously.

Top 10 best overclocking software

NOTE: The user interface is straightforward, and it is a favorite for both experts and beginners because it has a lot of amazing features. When you download this excellent software and run on your PC, then you feel some enhancement in your CPU.

Like any windows software, Intel XTU gives you a right to control and manage your setting but make sure you don’t compromise on your system because of damage to your system.


Do you search for software which maintains your CPU health and powerup your CPU? If your answer is yes, then CPU-Z & GPU-Z is best for your system.

Top 10 best overclocking software

CPU-Z is known for the best automatic overclocking software because it is taking care of processor details including cache levels, motherboard voltage levels, etc. It receives complete detailed reports on your motherboard, processor, and GPU. CPU-Z provides all information related to the processor

GPU-Z is being called Best GPU Over Clocking Software dealing with insights of graphic card and provide details like memory clock, memory size GPU temperature and much more

  • Fortunately, they both are very much compatible with NVIDIA, AMD, ATI, and Intel GPU.

6.CPU Tweaker

Do you want your system flying in the sky and speed up like a bullet? If yes, then stay with us. We introduce you from the software which tweaks your CPU performance and maintains the temperature of your system.

best overclocking software

[su_quote]NOTE:  CPU Tweaker has a limited option because it only offers CPU manipulation.[/su_quote]

With such processors, CPU Tweaker works best, but if not, you can always try MemSet, which is just as advanced and powerful.

Note, however, that these are not user – friendly and may seem too complicated for regular users.

They are, however, one of the most advanced free – to – use overclocking software on the market. So enjoy this superb software.

7.SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility

It is the best overclocking software for AMD because it’s specially designed for AMD graphic cards. It also supports an enormous range, from older Radeon Graphic Cards to Radeon R9 Fury series.

best overclocking software

SAPPHIRE TriXX Utility enables the core GPU clock, voltage, memory clock, and more to optimize the best performance.

If you are the user of the AMD card, then this software is beneficial for your CPU. I think you should try this amazing miracle software.

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SetFSB is the main tool that is used for connecting your computer to the main memory. It is a unique tool that sets the Front Side Bus (FSB) of your system apart from other overclocking overclocking software

Once you use this software, I hope you enjoy this software and the way it changes the font side bus memory of your system. Now download this excellent software and increase your system FSB speed.

9.NVIDIA Inspector

The primary role of NVIDIA Inspector to display the user’s graphics card information, but you can also use this software for overclocking your GPU, CPU, and RAM.

NVIDIA Inspector has its limitations . It cannot monitor the temperature or stability of your you might want tools like HWMonitor or 3d mark to do that for you.

best overclocking software

Furthermore, this software has a friendly interface with the user. I recommended you to install this software for once , and I hope you find it helpful.

The primary purpose of NVIDIA  is analyzing and displaying the status of your card. This is why NVIDIA is known for its reliability and one of the coolest GPU overclocking software

10.ASUS GPU Tweak :

The ASUS GPU Tweak is well known for its simple interface. The user can easily change the GPU overclock, memory and voltage

Moreover, it is advisable to include other tools. It monitors your system stability and maintenance and keeping on average your CPU temperature.

best overclocking software

What does ASUS GPU Tweak do?

[su_quote]ASUS GPU Tweak giving the right to the user to optimize fan speed,  clock and voltage up to four graphics card simultaneously, .that’s great![/su_quote]

Is overclocking GPU safe?

[su_quote]It is straightforward if you try to push your GPU too hard with any software then it shows graphical error and some glitches but don’t worry you can dial your GPU speed back down to a safe level if something happens. [/su_quote]

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Final Words:

I hope you find this info helpful. All you’ve to do is to read out the above guide carefully and find out what works best for you. If you find any trouble trying out anything from the above guide, comment below in the comment section and we’ll be right back to help you. Best of luck!


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